New Year, New…?

I haven’t wrote in so long and I don’t want to start my first blog post of the year (and on my new website) with the whole New Year new me crap. Despite the fact I somewhat believe in all that, like the changing of a number can make your whole attitude to life change, but I have read sooo many posts containing the same bullshit that I can’t bare to put anybody else through it.

I do want to change, and I have to if I’m going to get anywhere when my uni course starts, but several times a year I attempt to get my life in order; like starting a diary or using calendars and post-it’s, but it never sticks (and neither do the Post-its, is it just me or do I always buy bad ones?). Hopefully this time it will, I’ve even brought myself a calendar (the first since my Justin Bieber one about six years ago!). When I have the tools to be motivated I find it a lot easier. I’m such a perfectionist if I start something I find it hard to stop. The main reason I do is my depression, it sometimes causes me to loose all my motivation and then I have to concentrate on fighting that instead of staying organised.

 Thats enough of the boring ‘new years resolution’ rubbish.

I thought I might talk a little about me, not to be vain, but if your new to my blog and haven’t yet visited my old one then you may wonder what qualifies me to have some of the opinions I may express in some of my future posts.

In the About page you will find that I mentioned some disabilities I have, like Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), Fibromyalgia and Raynauds. I also suffer from depression, which I know sometimes can be a controversial subject to bring up as there is a lot of stigma around the condition but I’m open to sharing my experience with you. I have had FND for 5 years. It was caused by my dog pulling me over. Its basically whats its called, a movement problem cause by the brain. I’m not physically hurt. I have no broken bones or damaged nerves but my brain thinks I am still suffering a massve trauma and thinks by not moving my arm I am protecting my self when in fact the real injury went along time ago. Fibromyalgia is a little more complicated. I find it hard to explain but I basically get pain (which sufferes refer to as flares) that can last from a couple of hours to several weeks with no real explanation. I mainly get pain in the lower half of my body, starting from my hips. Luckily there are a lot of groups out there full of people experiencing the same thing and social media has been a huge help to people who have Fibro so you can be in contact with people rom all over the world who know exactly what you are going through.

 I feel I have wrote so much for my first post on my new blog but when I get started sometimes I just can shut up.

Thats why I urge you to contact me using the contact form or my social media handle if you want to know more or have any questions or enquiries you want answering.

I hope to write at least two times a week but between then I will be posting on my Instagram (@halfordcharlie), Facebook ( and Snapchat (advicebycharlie).

 I hope you have had a fab start to the New Year and I’ll speak to you soon.

Charlie x

Me and my little fur baby, tinkerbell.



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