Morphe 350M Eyeshadow Palette Review.

I have been waiting months to get my hands on the Morphe 350M palette (after not really being interested in it at first) and was a little hesitant because of how many fakes I have seen floating around the internet. When I received the email from Beauty Bay informing me they were in sock for a limited amount of time I just had to have one.

Despite all the research I had done into the palette I was shocked at how well the shadows perform, how pigmented every colour was and also how easy to blend they were. I did notice there was some fall out in a few colours but you can prevent this by simply tapping the brush before apply to the eye. I have read and watched a lot of beauty guru’s say how they love it or how it’s not as good as they expected but frankly I couldn’t resist. The colours are also really versatile with plenty of neutrals and warm burnt orange colours. You can create many looks using this palette alone, may it be a simple day look with a little medium brown blended through the crease and a neutral colour swept all over the eyelid or an evening look by adding some darker colours into the crease and under the bottom waterline. Add a little eyeliner and Mascara and you have a beautiful makeup look be it night or day. Below I will have some swatches so you can see them for yourselves. Unfortunately the palette is not available on Beauty Bay anymore but sign up to the email list and you will find out straight away when they are in stock. And just a warning, they are usually limited to one palette per person, thats one type not one from the brand. Alternatively you can google to find the palette on Cult Beauty or being sold second hand on Depop or eBay (make sure your buying a genuine product so you can be sure you know whats in the products and also give any second hand palettes a quick spray with alcohol spray to kill any bacteria).

(The swatches will be numbered and referenced on an image below)

These are the colours in the palette. They are numbered them to correspond with the swatches below.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and keep an eye out on my Instagram (@halfordcharlie) or Snapchat (@advicebycharlie) for eye looks I have created using this palette.

Charlie x

Loved using the Morphe Palette to creat this look ❤


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