Trying to get motivated. 

Motivation is a word I tend to avoid on a daily basis.  Motivate means providing someone with a reason for doing something… and that’s where I struggle. I usually give myself the reward, I set for when I have finnished the task; before I’ve even got started.

I have already found (before I’ve even properly started my first Uni module) that it’s harder to learn in a non educational environment. There are so many distractions. For me it’s either my mom, who wants help with feeding animals or making dinner, or my dog Tinkerbell who wants to have a cuddle or play or even decides to go bonkers and be constantly naughty. I also am waiting for my new room to be done so currently I have to study sat on my bed, which does not help my back! And I can’t study down stairs as it’s like a jungle down there!

I’ve been researching ways to help myself study, like print outs to get organised or different methods of taking notes. I was thinking about sharing some of these with you in case you ever find yourself stuck for a way to get your work done. I think some of the organisational tips could work for everyday life also so keep an eye out even if your not studying! ?

Thanks for reading,

Charlie x


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