Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara – Hot or Not?

I have seen several advertisements for this new mascara from Maybelline and had to have it. I usually prefer the complete opposite to this mascara, liking the wand to have hundreds of bristles and be a decent size; but this is completely different.

The whole gimmick of this mascara is to be shaped like an angel wing to get a gradient in curl and volume from the inside of your eye to the outside (this will be a lot clearer in the images). I also love testing the formula of mascaras because I have really sensitive eyes and also very oily lids which sometimes makes my mascara transfer, which makes my eyes good for putting products t0 the test.

Firstly the brush was surprisingly good. It took some getting used too as its far from what I have ever used before, but despite that it coated every lash really quickly and easily. I did think the product from the underside of the brush would transfer but there is very little product deposited on that side when you remove it from the tube.

One down side is you can’t use it for the bottom lashes so you will need another mascara for that but I usually like to use a waterproof mascara with a small brush (the size of the ones for eyebrow gel).

 I did give this a go but the wand bends the wrong way and you can’t coat any of the lashes and end up makes a big mess. You can see in the picture that there is a curve in the wand which helps you add curl and volume to the lash. You can also see there the size difference in the size of the bristles.

In the bottle you get 9.5ml of product with will last you a lot of uses and remember to be hygienic and only use this product for 6 months. The packaging of this mascara is very nice. I was slightly confused as to why the tube changes width, as it looks like it would have a use, but I think its just for aesthetics. I love the colour, but I could just be biased  because purple is one of may favourite colours. In regards to the ‘falsies’ claim, I would agree that the product could replace your false lashes if you got for a medium to subtle look. The mascara does not have enough volume to replace you bold party lashes.


Overall I would recommend this mascara to anyone. Whether you usually like big bristly wands like I do or you like the small detail wands I know you will love the look this mascara gives you and also how comfortable it is to wear. It doesn’t crumble when it dries or transfer which are all positives for me!

This mascara is defiantly a hot product that I would purchase again.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to keep and eye out for images on my Insta (@halfordcharlie) and my SnapChat (@advicebycharlie) to see how products I put to the test perform and look.

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