Let’s Hear It For Love.

It’s already February and it feels like this year is speeding along and I have achieved very little so far. February is the month that contains the holiday I tend to avoid. Thats right, its nearly Valentine’s day! It’s everywhere. Shops must make a fortune on people buying cards and presents and big cuddly teddy bears. I have to admit walking into Sainsbury’s the other day I headed straight to the aisle with all the pretty Valentine’s day paraphernalia. There was the huge unicorn soft toy and I was really considering buying it for myself.

I was reading an article recently (the editors letter in the March 2017 edition of Glamour Magazine) that made me think of the way we perceive Valentine’s day and the love thats its all based around. The holiday is a celebration of love but frankly its 2017 and we don’t have to be so traditional that we only celebrate the love between a couple. In the article the editor Jo Elvin, write about her relationship between her childhood friend who moves a lot when they were growing up and they used to keep in contact by writing letters. She then went on to say how on a recent visit her friend brought a pile of the letters that she had kept from their correspondence and how it reminded her how lucky she was to have all these amazing people in her life and is in love with all the memories they share.

I think you could take this further by sharing what else in your life that you love. It docent have to be a person. For me, I live quite an isolated life and spend more time with my dog than humans (thats why the only card I got last year was from Tinkerbell). Valentine’s day is just another celebration of all the things we love and are thankful for, just like Thanksgiving.

I thought it would be a good exercise to write down all things be love and are thankful for, be it a person, pet, object or dream.

I firstly love that I have my little fur baby in my life, she means the world to me and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Tinkerbell keeps me company on the days where my limitations mean I can’t be as sociable as I would like to me. Tinkerbell bring me joy by the little things that she does. Simply by snuggling up to me when I snuggle into bed at night. When she greats me like a crazy creature when I come from being out all day. Seeing her sat in the window watching me leave and knowing she will be there when I return later on. Seeing her happy when I give her new toys or treats. Sitting still so I can take hundreds of pictures for her Instagram (btw follow her Insta @tinkerbellhalford). And also the way she loves me when I forget to feed her because my Fibro causes me to forget, when I get angry because she walks across my makeup palettes and leaves little doggy prints in the concealer, even when I accidentally throw her off the bed when I pull the duvet because I’m cold and she has taken all the covers, also when I wake her up for snuggles when she was having a loverly sleep and then she can’t get comfortable again and sits at the bottom of the bed giving me evils. I am so thankful for Tinkerbell being here so we can share this day of celebration together.

I also love that I have the freedom to express my opinions and feeling through this open platform on my blog. I get to write about things I love and review amazing products and also (hopefully) help others with the advice I am able to give. I will be planning a special post for the 14th so make sure to check back then!

I love how each month I get to snuggle down early one night and read the new issue of Vogue, making a mental note of all the amazing clothes and shoes I will buy when I finally win the lottery or find a handsome rich man who can spoil me with an £1000 handbag hehe! That follows on to my next point of how thankful I am to be able to express myself through my love for make up. Being able to get creative each and every day with the among beauty products that the market is flooded with now a days and also the very large online beauty community made up of bloggers and YouTubers who are as passionate about make up as much as I am. I am also thankful that we live in a world where it is acceptable to express yourself using your appearance, being in a time where we have our first male covergirl and males designing and bringing out there own beauty product lines.

I love the fact I live in a country where the government help individuals who are unable to work due to disabilities and that I can still have my freedom without feeling isolated by that fact I can not work. Having this money from the government means I can leave the house on occasions and meet up with friends and family and not be limited by the fact I am unable to work. We should all be lucky if we received these benefits because in some less developed countries people who cannot work are left to starve and become isolated by the fact they have no money in a world where everything is costing more and incomes are decreasing.

I love that I have an amazing big sister and brother in law that help and support me in all that I do (check out my sisters blog www.myfibroanewbegining.co.uk) She helps me with may university work and with grammatical errors in my blog (even though I forget to correct them a lot of the time) and brought me a DSLR when I wanted to begin photography and a Macbook when I needed it for my A Levels (I will pay you back sometime soon!!!) We all should be thankful for those who support us on a day to day basis and celebrate the love between each other at every chance you get.


Feel free to share all the things you will be celebrating this Valentine’s day in the comments or share them with me through Instagram (@halfordcharlie) or Snapchat (advicebycharlie).

Have a happy February!

Charlie x





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